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VertexRSI Integrated L- to Ku-band Up/Dn Converter LT3600

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VertexRSI LT3600 Dual Frequency Converter L-Band Up/Dn Converter

The VertexRSI LT3600 Dual Frequency Converter L-band is a fully synthesized up and down converter covering full 575 MHz bandwidth receiving RF frequencies in up to 1 MHz steps. The unit incorporates extensive monitor and control functions that are accessible from the front panel as well as through a remote RS- 232/422/485 bus. The converter is housed in an enclosure destined for mounting in a standard EIA 19-inch rack, requiring a 1.75inch high vertical space.

The VertexRSI (GDSatcom) LT-3600 can be configured to accommodate various requirements involving an IF of 70 or 140 MHz, non-inverted or inverted spectrum, with standard or high- stability 10 MHz reference oscillator or any combination the user desires. Combined with jumper selectable and user programmable options, the LT-3600 is flexible to user requirements.


  • Complete, Independent, Up and Down Converters in a single 1 RU package.
  • Dual stage, synthesized up and down converters.
  • 950 to 1,525 MHz Std. or Extended 950 to 1,950MHz.
  • Inverting and Non-inverting LNB support.
  • Inverting or Non-inverting Up Converter Spectrum
  • Calibrated Gain and Level Monitoring.
  • Programmable cable slope compensation.
  • Low microphonic design
  • Full monitoring and control through LCD and Keypad Front Panel or serial remote
  • User programmable, Nonvolatile memory for multi-satellite operation.
  • Front Panel RS-485 Address, Alarm Masking, Reference Offset, Frequency, and Gain settings.
  • RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 Serial interface for remote M&C.
  • Universal 115/230 VAC Power Supply Input.
  • Automatic switch over to External 10 MHz Reference.
  • Flexible design can adapt to most user configurations.
  • Internal High Stability 10 MHz Reference (Optional).
  • DC and Reference Mux. on L-Band cables for external SSPB and LNB (Optional).
  • Wideband 950 – 1,950MHz (Optional).

We have various units available in 70MHz or 140MHz configuration, Standard and Wide-band. Units are tested before release EXW The Netherlands. Please ask us for more details.


VertexRSI Integrated L- to Ku-band Up/Dn Converter LT3600

VertexRSI LT3600 Upconverter front view
VertexRSI LT3600 Upconverter rear view

VertexRSI Integrated L- to Ku-band Up/Dn Converter LT3600

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