Skybrokers relocated a VertexRSI 11.1m antenna to Cobbett Hill Earth Station UK

In October 2013 Skybrokers project- and installation team relocated a VertexRSI 11.1m antenna from Brookmans Park London to Cobbett Hill Earth Station close to Guildford UK. The whole operation took 8-9 weeks and was conducted by a four-member installation team. The Skybrokers relocated a VertexRSI 11.1m antenna project took 3 weeks to dis-assemble and transport the antenna parts on trucks to the other side of London. With great help of the folks of Cobbett Hill we re-installed, aligned, cleaned and successfully tested the antenna prior to hand it over to the client.

Cobbett Hill Earth Station (CBH), located near Guildford only 27 miles from central London in the UK, and occupies a 7-acre secure compound on 200 acres of privately owned land. The teleport housed 50 antennas with spare capacity enabling quick turnaround times on customer requirements, and had visibility on over 150 geostationary satellites.

CBH was an independent teleport that started business in 1996, when it was acquired in 2019 by satellite service provider CETel from Germany, that was bought by Axess Networks Europe and later HispaSat satellite operator from Spain.


We are pleased with the antenna relocation and I’m happy to say that the antenna now appears to be back and in better shape than it was before you took it down.

John Bullmer
Teleport Manager, Cobbett Hill Earth Station, UK