Satellite footprints

AMC-4 (GE-4) at 67° West

Position:67° West
Manufacturer:Lockheed Martin
Launch operator:Arianespace
Launch vehicle:Ariane 44LP
Launch date:11/13/1999
Expected lifetime:15 Years

Satellite operator GE Americom operated Americom-4 (AMC-4) satellite that marked the beginning of Americom’s international service offerings when it came online in 1999. With the unique feature of switchable Ku-band transponders, AMC-4 was able to meet market demand for comprehensive North- and South American communications services.

The satellite was constructed by Lockheed Martin, based on their A2100 platform, and launched on November 13th, 1999 on an Ariane 44LP rocket operated by launch operator Arianespace. AMC-4 was located at 101° West when satellite operator SES acquired GE Americom in 2001. With the acquisition SES formed SES Global, a corporate entity with two operating companies, SES Astra and SES Americom. In 2001 SES operated a fleet of 41 geostationary satellites, the largest in the world.

The combined C-band payloads of AMC-4 and AMC-1 (103° W) form the Cable2® neighborhood, which reaches more than 61 million cable households with national and regional programming services.

AMC-4 covers all 50 states in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean, Central America and South America. This new cable neighborhood became a real alternative to the world’s best at 131° & 135° West, Americom’s original cable neighborhood.

AMC-4 (GE-4) at 67° West

Lockheed Martin A2100 in clean room.
AMC-4 under test
AMC-4 satellite in orbit

AMC-4 (GE-4) at 67° West

AMC-4 Canada & Alaska Ku-band Beam
AMC-4 North America Ku-band Beam