Satellite footprints

Astra 1P/SES-24 at 19° East

Position:19° East
Manufacturer:Thales Alenia Space
Launch operator:SpaceX
Launch vehicle:Falcon 9
Launch date:06/19/2024
Expected lifetime:15+ Years

Astra 1P/SES-24 at 19° East is a geostationary communications satellite owned and operated by satellite operator SES from Luxembourg. The satellite was ordered in 2021 and built by Thales Alenia Space and will provide distribution of direct-to-home broadcast services across Europe.

Thales Alenia Space announced in November 2021 that it had signed a contract with SES to deliver two Ku-band geostationary satellites, Astra 1P/SES-24 and Astra 1Q/SES-25 to serve SES’s major European broadcasters’ content distribution operations as well as deliver connectivity services over Europe at SES’ prime orbital slot at 19.2° East. The satellite will join and/or replace the Astra 1KR, Astra 1L, Astra 1M, and Astra 1N satellites currently stationed there and begin service early in 2025.

Astra 1P/SES-24 at 19° East is a classic wide-beam satellite, supporting SES’s prime TV neighborhood and enable content owners, private and public broadcasters across Germany, France and Spain to continue broadcasting satellite TV channels in the highest-picture quality in the most cost-efficient manner. It will be based on Thales’ full electric and powerful Spacebus-Neo-200 platform.

The satellite was launched on June 19th, 2024 from the SLC-40 launch complex at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Base in Florida, USA, using a Falcon 9 launcher operated by SpaceX. Astra 1P was the first Astra satellite launched by SpaceX.

Astra 1P/SES-24 at 19° East

Astra 1P under construction at Thales Alenia Space
Astra 1P/SES-24 encapsulation at SpaceX
Falcon-9 rocket launching Astra 1P/SES-24 satellite
Astra 1P satellite in orbit

Astra 1P/SES-24 at 19° East

SES-fleet-mapSpaceX Astra 1P/SES-24 Press Kit