Satellite footprints


Operator:Fleet Space
Launch operator:Rocket Lab
Launch vehicle:Electron
Launch date:
Expected lifetime:3 Years

On March 23rd 2021 Fleet Space Technologies successfully launched their fifth commercial Nano-satellite, Centauri-3. The 10kg 6U CubeSat satellite was launched on an Electron launch vehicle operated by Rocket Lab from New Zealand’s Launch Complex 1 at Mahia Peninsula.

The satellite is designed for use in the energy, utilities and resource industries. Centauri-3 will also test new hardware and space systems developed by Fleet Space.

Centauri-3 has been orbited 550km above the Earth and was commissioned and engaged in full operations end of March 2021.


Fleet Space nano-satellite payload
Rocket Lab Electron on launch pad
Rocket Lab Electron liftoff from Mahia Peninsula
Fleet Space Technologies Centauri-1