Satellite footprints

ChinaSat-6D (ZX-6D) at 125° East

Position:125° East
Launch operator:CGWIC
Launch vehicle:Long March 3B
Launch date:04/15/2022
Expected lifetime:15 Years

The ChinaSat-6D (ZX-6D) at 125° East satellite is operated by ChinaSat from China and is a replacement for the ChinaSat-6A satellite, which was launched in September of 2010. ChinaSat-6A was initially meant to remain in service until 2025, but a leak in the Helium Pressurization System caused its replacement to be launched early.

The satellite was built by the Chinese state-owned company China Academy of Spaceflight Technology, and is equipped with 25 C-band transponders, two solar panels, batteries, and an on-board propulsion system. The spacecraft is expected to have an on-orbit lifespan of 15 years.

ChinaSat-6D (ZX-6D) at 125° East was orbited on April 15th, 2022 with a Long March 3B/E launch vehicle, operated by CWGIC from the Launch Complex-2 (LC-2) at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in China.


ChinaSat-6D (ZX-6D) at 125° East

ChinaSat Apstar-6D constructed by CAST1
ChinaSat Apstar-6D constructed by CAST2
ChinaSat Apstar-6D launched by CGWIC

ChinaSat-6D (ZX-6D) at 125° East

ChinaSat-6D C-band footprint
ChinaSat-6D Ku-band footprint
ChinaSat-6D Ku-band2 footprint