Satellite footprints

Hellas-Sat 4/SaudiGeoSat-1 at 39° East

Position:39° East
Manufacturer:Lockheed Martin
Launch operator:Arianespace
Launch vehicle:Ariane 5ECA
Launch date:02/05/2019
Expected lifetime:15+ Years

Hellas-Sat 4/SaudiGeoSat-1 at 39° East is operated by Hellas-Sat, a premium satellite communications solutions provider founded in 2001 and acquired by Arabsat, the 6th largest satellite operator in the world in 2013.

Hellas-Sat satellites are located at 39° East orbital slot offering excellent coverage over Europe, Middle-East and Southern Africa, delivering leading DTH-operators content to more than 3 million households, while we provide cost-effective solutions to enterprises and governments that want to expand connectivity to every location of their network in our coverage areas.

From Hellas-Sat ground facilities in Greece and Cyprus, the operator provides a wide range of managed services to meet customers’ communications needs when and wherever is required.

Hellas-Sat 4/SaudiGeoSat-1 at 39° East was successfully launched on February 5th 2019, with an Ariane 5 rocket, operated by launch operator Arianespace, from their Spaceport in French Guiana. The satellite was designed for a 15-year service life and manufactured by Lockheed Martin in Denver, Colorado USA. The satellite was placed at orbital slot 39° East where it will complement the extensive coverage of Hellas-Sat 3 providing more reliable services to customers.

Hellas-Sat 4/SaudiGeoSat-1 at 39° East

Hellas-Sat 4 constructed by Lockheed Martin
Hellas-Sat 4 satellite launch by Arianespace
Hellas-Sat 4 satellite prepared
Hellas-Sat 4: SaudiGeoSat-1 under construction by Lockheed Martin
Hellas-Sat 4 satellite in orbit

Hellas-Sat 4/SaudiGeoSat-1 at 39° East

HellasSat-4 European Beam
HellasSat-4 Middle-East Beam
HellasSat-4 South Africa Beam