Satellite footprints

Hellas-Sat 5 at 39° East

Position:39° East
Manufacturer:Thales Alenia Space
Launch operator:Arianespace
Launch vehicle:Ariane 6-2
Launch date:06/30/2027
Expected lifetime:15+ Years

HellasSat-5 at 39° Eas

The Hellas-Sat 5 at 39° East satellite will be operated by satellite operator Hellas-Sat from Greece.

Hellas-Sat 5 at 39° East will be built by Thales Alenia Space and the payload aims to connect with Optical Ground Station of the National Athens Observatory in Greece, Optical Ground Stations in France, Optical Ground Stations of ESA and Thales Alenia Space’s LEO HydRON telecommunication satellite.

More specifically, there will be direct communication with observatories in Helmos (Kalavryta), Kryoneri Corinthias, the National Observatory of Athens, and an observatory in France. This investment is expected to yield numerous benefits for the country by developing essential infrastructure and helping reverse the brain drain by attracting specialized scientists from abroad.

The spacecraft is expected to be launched in 2027 on ESA’s new launch vehicle Ariane 62 operated by Arianespace from the Space Center in French Guyane.

Hellas-Sat 5 at 39° East

Ariane-62 launcher
HellasSat-5 satellite in orbit2