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NuView A (Anuvu-1) at 7° East

Position:7° East
Launch operator:SpaceX
Launch vehicle:Falcon 9
Launch date:10/15/2024
Expected lifetime:15+ Years

NuView A (Anuvu-1) at 7° East

NuView A (Anuvu-1) at 7° East satellite is one of the two MicroGEO satellites that was ordered by satellite operator Anuvu. The satellite, constructed by Astranis, was purchased together with Anuvu-2 as the first two of an eight-strong constellation of small geostationary orbit satellites as demand returns for Wi-Fi on aircraft, boats and remote locations.

The company, which changed its name from Global Eagle Entertainment after exiting bankruptcy protection in March 2021, secured a long-term agreement with satellite builder Astranis for the constellation.

The first two satellites are targeting launch in early 2024 to provide connectivity over Northern America and the Caribbean, joining four other satellites, operated by Telesat from Canada, in the region that have sold all their capacity to Avunu. Astranis will operate the Avunu-1 spacecraft.

Anuvu-1 is a 400 kgs weighing High Throughput Satellite (HTS) featuring a reconfigurable software-defined payload and will use electric propulsion to reach geostationary orbit. The launch is planned for Q3 2024.

NuView A (Anuvu-1) at 7° East

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