Satellite footprints

Al Yah 2 (Yahsat 1B, Y1B) at 47.5° East

Position:47.5° East
Manufacturer:Thales Alenia Space
Launch operator:ILS
Launch vehicle:Proton M/Breeze
Launch date:04/22/2012
Expected lifetime:15+ Years

Al Yah 2 (Yahsat 1B, Y1B) satellite was launched on April 24th, 2012 on a Proton M/Briz launcher operated by launch operator ILS from their Baikonoiur Cosmodrome launch site in Kazachstan.

The satellite was built by Thales Alenia Space and offers YahClick services, providing high-performance satellite broadband for homes and businesses in the Middle-East, Africa, Central- and South-West Asia. Its broadband coverage extends throughout rural and remote areas.

Al Yah 2 (Yahsat 1B, Y1B) at 47.5° East

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