Prodelin Reflector & Feed Electrical De-icing System for VSAT Antennas

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Prodelin Reflector & Feed Electrical De-icing System for VSAT Antennas

Brand: Prodelin (GD Satcom)
Part number: na

Prodelin (General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies) anti-iced Antennas have power densities of approximately 35 watts per sq. ft. of heated surface utilizing the “blanket” resistive wire technique. The Moisture/Temperature version is an automatic system that will activate heaters when the temperature falls below about 38 degrees Fahrenheit (3 C.) and sufficient moisture is present to permit the formation of solid precipitants. These features are cost savings driven so that power is applied only when atmospheric conditions warrant.

Systems include a selector switch permitting the operator to energize the heaters at any time, or to disable (turn off ) the automatic feature at discretion. Systems with Temperature only controls activate heaters at about 38 degrees Fahrenheit and remain on until temperatures rise above 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on the Antenna size the reflector can be de-iced Half or full cover. Please check datasheet for details.

Prodelin History

Prodelin Corporation was founded by Larry Bowman in 1987. Bowman started his company as The Product Development Company and operated it out of Newton, North Carolina, USA.

In 2000 Prodelin Corp. was acquired by Tripoint Global Communications, Inc, a privately held provider of ground-based satellite and wireless communication equipment and integration services for video, voice and data applications. Tripoint Global already bought satellite equipment manufacturer Vertex in 1999 from Vertex Corp. and was composed that time of RSI, Prodelin, Gabriel Electronics & Microwave and CSA Wireless Communications, a microwave antenna manufacturer based in Hickory NC, USA.

In 2002 TriPoint Global decided to discontinue the microwave antenna products formerly produced by Gabriel and Mark Grid Antenna businesses. The antennas would then be manufactured under the Prodelin brand.

In June 2004 Global Aerospace and Defense manufacturer General Dynamics acquired Tripoint Global Communications. TriPoint became part of the General Dynamics C4 Systems business unit, which is a leading integrator of secure communication and information systems and technology. Prodelin brand is marketed by the GDSatcom business unit.

productsheet.pdf Product datasheet

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