Antech 5.5m Satellite Antenna installed at Satgate in Lithuania.

Antech 5.5m Satellite Antenna installed at Satgate in Lithuania


An Antech 5.5m Satellite Antenna was fully refurbished and successfully installed at Satgate in Lithuania.

In 2011 Satgate Teleport in Lithuania requested us to source an used 5-6m antenna for their teleport operations in Vilnius. We offered a fully refurbished Antech 5.5m antenna that we could deliver quickly. Skybrokers delivers a refurbished Antech 5.5m Antenna that was refurbished in detail, all metal parts including the back-frame, hub and pedestal were newly galvanized, panels were painted and crated and new resolver kits, limits and cabling was provided. The customer was able to install this antenna on a platform.

SatGate is an independent Teleport operator that was founded in November 2001, providing satellite Internet services to Central and Eastern Europe. In 2004 the company established its teleport in Vilnius in Lithuania, that became the solid platform for further business running and holding development.

Antech Space designs, manufactures and integrates turn-key satellite telecommunications systems and related RF equipment.

The company, founded in 2016, is made up of a team of great experience and already known among the operators of the satellite market, especially between the owners of teleports and their end-users (such as National Broadcasters, Defense and Space Agencies). Recently the company has specialized in participating in international tenders, organized by State Institutions or private companies.

Antech Space has a large range of products, that include Ka, K, Ku, X, C, S and L Band feed/horn RF solutions, both for fixed and mobile antennas, or electronic parts (as ACU – antenna control unit for GEO/LEO/MEO satellite antenna systems): every solution is configurated and customized according to customer needs.

Antech Space team is also able to carry out any kind of refurbishment activities on old satellite telecommunication systems, both from the RF and the mechanical and handling point of view.