RSI 9.2m Satellite Antenna installation in French Guiana.

RSI 9.2m Satellite Antenna installation in French Guiana

In 2016 Skybrokers was requested to deliver a RSI 9.2m C-band Earth Station Antenna to Guyacom in French Guiana. The antenna was completely refurbished and hardware kits were completed, new motors/gearboxes were provided as well as new resolvers and limits to come with the MCU/Tracking package. The antenna was loaded carefully in an oceangoing container for shipment to South America. Skybrokers delivered a refurbished RSI 9.2m Antenna to French Guiana and the customer installed the antenna with a local installation team. No alignment was required since the RSI antenna with Accushape reflector panels are self-aligning. Antenna was successfully commissioned in September 2016.

Guyacom was established in 2006 and is headquartered in Cayenne, French Guiana. The company provides broadband internet services and is one of the seven providers in the country. Guyacom is a fast-growing alternative operator holding a 3.5GHz WLL license since 2006 and several Wimax contracts.

Radiation Systems Inc. (RSI) was founded in 1960 and based in Sterling, VA, USA. The Company designed, manufactured and installed high quality antenna systems and parts for radar, air traffic control, military and satellite communications systems. Its products were also used in tactical military communications, scientific research, TV broadcasting and civilian wireless mobile communications.

In 1994 Radiation Systems Inc. (RSI) was owned by COMSAT, Inc. and later on by Tripoint Global that merged RSI with Vertex to become VertexRSI in 1999. In 2004 General Dynamics acquired Tripoint Global and merged VertexRSI into its organization to become GDSatcom Technologies. In 2019 GD Satcom was acquired by CPI, Inc.

The company was famous for its AccuShape (RSI metal continuing process proprietary) formed antenna reflector panels that featured superior RF performance. The antennas were easy to install and field aligning.