Satellite footprints

AlcomSat-1 at 25° West

Position:25° West
Operator:ASAL (Agence Spatiale Algérienne)
Launch operator:CGWIC
Launch vehicle:Long March 3B
Launch date:12/10/2017
Expected lifetime:15+ Years

The AlcomSat-1 satellite was developed by the Chinese Academy of Space Technology (CAST) and is based on the DFH-4 platform. Its communications payload is composed of 33 operational transponders (19 in Ku-band, 12 in Ka-band and 2 in L-band).

AlcomSat-1 communications satellite is located at 24.8°W orbital position. The satellite will provide telecommunications, broadband internet, audio transmission, broadcast and television, satellite-based navigation, remote education, as well as enterprise and emergency communications. The coverage areas include Algeria, Sahel and other regions in North Africa.

AlcomSat-1 satellite was constructed by China Aerospace Science & Technology Corp. (CASC) and was launched on December 10th, 2017 by Chinese launcher Long March 3B operated by China Great Wall Industry Corp. (CGWIC) from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center, located 2,200 km southwest of Beijing. The satellite was designed for 15 years operational lifetime and is a partnership between Algerian Space Agency and China.

AlcomSat-1 at 25° West

AlcomSat-1 launched by CGWIC Long March CZ-3B:E
AlcomSat-1 satellite construction
AlcomSat-1 satellite constructed by CAST
AlcomSat-1 satellite encapsulated

AlcomSat-1 at 25° West

AlcomSat-1 satellite footprint