Satellite footprints

Anik G1 at 107° West

Position:107° West
Manufacturer:Space Systems/Loral (SS/L)
Launch operator:ILS
Launch vehicle:Proton M/Breeze
Launch date:04/15/2015
Expected lifetime:15 Years

The Anik satellites are a series of geostationary communication satellites operated by satellite operator Telesat in Canada. The satellites are used for television, voice and datas in Canada and other parts of the world from 1972 thru 2013. The remaining Anik satellites that are still active are Anik F1, Anik F1R (replacing Anik F1), Anik, F2, Anik F3 and Anik G1. The naming of the satellites was determined by a national contest. In Inuktitut, Canada’s national principal Inuit languages, Anik means “little brother”.

Anik G1 is a multi-mission satellite operated by satellite operator Telesat from Canada. The satellite was constructed by Space Systems/Loral (SS/L) and is based on the LS1300-series satellite bus. The satellite has three different payloads that will provide DTH-television services in Canada, as well as broadband, voice, data and video services in South America where economic growth has driven high demand for satellite services. It is also the first commercial satellite with a substantial X-band payload for government communications over the Americas and the Pacific Ocean including Hawaii.

The satellite is positioned at 107.3° West longitude where it will be co-located with Telesat’s Anik F1 satellite, doubling both the C-band and Ku-band transponders serving South America from the 107.3° West orbital location.

Anik G1 satellite was launched on April 15th, 2013, on a Proton M/Breeze rocket booster, operated by launch operator ILS from the Baikonuor Cosmodrome launch site in Kazachstan.

Anik G1 at 107° West

Optus 10 satellite constructed by SSL
Anik AG1 on Proton M rocket moving to launch site
ILS launching Anik G1
Anik AG1 satellite in orbit

Anik G1 at 107° West

Anik G1 C-, (Ext.) Ku- & X-band Americas beam
Anik G1 C-band South America beam
Anik G1 Ku-band South America beam
Anik G1 Ext. Ku-band North America beam
Anik G1 X-band Americas beam