Satellite footprints

Spire LEMUR LEO satellite constellation

Manufacturer:Spire Global
Operator:Spire Global
Launch operators:Arianespace
 GK Launch Services
 Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
 MHI Launch Services
 Orbital ATK
 Rocket Lab
Launch vehicles:Antares 230
 Atlas V
 Falcon 9
Launch date:
Expected lifetime:3 Years

Spire Global is operating a fleet of more than 110 CubeSats, the second largest commercial constellation by number of satellites and the largest by number of sensors. The satellites are integrally designed and built in-house. Spire has launched more than 140 satellites to orbit since the creation of the company in 2012.

LEMUR-2 is the initial LEO SmallSat satellite constellation of low-Earth orbiting satellites built by Spire. These satellites carry two payloads for meteorology (SENSE payload) and ship AIS-traffic tracking (STRATOS payload). Later satellites, beginning with the 78th satellite launched, carry also the AirSafe ASD-B payload to track airplanes.

The LEMUR-2 satellites are launched in small batches as secondary payloads on various rocket boosters executed by reputed launch providers such as Rocket Lab from New Zealand, Arianespace from French Guiana, ULA and SpaceX from USA, ISRO from India and GK Launch Services from Russia.

# satellites Mission  Launch Date Launcher        Launch Operator
ArduSat-1 HTV/Kounotori-4 11/19/13 H-IIB MHI Launch S. Japan
ArduSat-X HTV/Kounotori-4 11/19/13 H-IIB MHI Launch S. Japan
1   06/19/14 Dnepr ICS Kosmotras
4 AstroSat 09/28/15 PSLV-C30 ISRO India
8 OA-6 03/22/16 Atlas V ULA USA
1 Deploy faulure 03/23/16 Atlas V ULA USA
4 Cygnus CRS-5 10/17/16 Antares 230 Orbital ATK/LM USA
4 Kounotori-6 12/09/16 H-IIB MHI Japan
8 CartoSat-2 02/15/17 PSLV-C37 ISRO India
4 OA-7 04/18/17 Atlas V ULA USA
8 CartoSat-2 06/23-17 PSLV-C38 ISRO India
8 Kanopus-V-1K 07/14/17 Soyuz-2 GK Launch Russia
8 Launch failure 11/12/17 Antares 230 Orbital ATK/LM USA
8 Meteor-M 2-1 11/28/17 Soyuz-2 GK Launch Russia
4 CartoSat-2 01/12/18 PSLV-C40 ISRO India
2 Still Testing 01/21/18 Electron Rocket Lab NZ
4 HysIS 11/29/18 PSLV-C43 ISRO India
8 Kanopus-V 12/27/18 Soyuz-2 GK Launch Russia
4 MicroSat-R 01/24/19 PSLV-C44 ISRO India
8 Meteor-M 2-2 07/05/19 Soyuz-2 GK Launch Russia
4 RiSAT-2BR1 12/11/19 PSLV-C48 ISRO India
8 VV16 09/02/20 Vega Arianespace
4 Gonets-Mx 09/28/20 Soyuz-2 GK Launch Russia
2   11/05/20 ISS  
4 EOS-1 11/07/20 PSLV-C49 ISRO India
8 Transporter-1 01/24/21 Falcon 9 SpaceX USA
2 VV18 04/29/21 Vega Arianespace FG
5 Transporter-2 06/30/21 Falcon 9 SpaceX USA
4 Transporter-3 01/13/22 Falcon 9 SpaceX USA
5 Transporter-5 05/25/22 Falcon 9 SpaceX USA

Spire LEMUR LEO satellite constellation

Spire Global CubeSat satellite in orbit
Spire Global CubeSat satellite in orbit
CryptoSat-2 launched on Dnepr rocket
Spire LEMUR-2 series CubeSat in orbit
Satellite data is collected by LEMUR satellites
Spire Groundstation
Antares 230 launching Spire satellites
Rocket Lab launch site in New Zealand
Soyuz-2 launch
Arainespace Vega rocket launching Spire satellites