Andrew 3.7m de-installed at Caserne Ederle in Vicenza Italy.

Andrew 3.7m de-installed at Caserne Ederle in Vicenza Italy

In 2015 Skybrokers was requested by long-time customer Media Broadcast Satellite (MBS), to remove an Andrew 3.7m antenna from a 2-story building at Caserma Ederle (Camp Ederle), a US Military base in Vicenza in Italy. The de-installation project was successfully finished in July 2015 with great help from our friends, Loris and Jessica from EasySat in Italy. Without their help for arranging the crane we couldn’t do the job!

MBS has its teleport operations in Usingen near Frankfurt, Germany. It is one of the world’s largest teleport operators and offers tailor-made solutions for the areas of broadcast, data, teleport and data centers.

Caserma Ederle, located in Vicenza, Italy, is a military complex where the United States Army maintains a presence. The complex is operated by the Italian military and remains under their control at all times. Within the Vicenza Military Community, there are soldiers, family members, civilians, and retirees, along with a small number of airmen and sailors who are stationed there. This military installation serves as the headquarters for United States Army Africa and the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Additionally, Caserma Ederle is the main base for U.S. Army Garrison Italy, which falls under the United States Army Installation Management Command and oversees all U.S. military properties in Vicenza. The post is named after Major Carlo Ederle, an esteemed Italian hero of World War I, who received various military honors, including the French Croix de Guerre (French War Cross).

Andrew Corporation was the owner of Andrew Satellite Communications business and in 2001 formed into ASC Signal Corporation that was acquired by CPI in September 2015. ASC Signal was integrated into the CPI Antenna Systems Division as of 2017 when in 2020 the ASC Signal Antenna division was sold to Kratos Defense & Security. CPI had acquired GDSatcom Technologies in 2019, but the U.S. Justice Department required CPI to divest its ASC Signal Division since there would be a monopoly on the antenna business in the USA.

Skybrokers offers for over 10 years Andrew Satellite Earth Station Antennas, new as well as used. We can provide turnkey solutions, refurbishment and upgrades. We supported several clients with new and used antennas, such as the Andrew 3.7m, Andrew 4.5m and Andrew 4.6m, Andrew 5.6m, Andrew 7.3m, Andrew 7.6m and Andrew 9.3m.

Andrew Corporation was an international supplier of communications equipment, systems, and services. Among the company’s principal products are coaxial cable, connectors, and systems used in various telecommunications systems; a variety of (microwave) antennas and antenna systems and special application antennas used in cellular systems, navigation, FM and television broadcasting, multipoint distribution services, instructional television, radar systems, and surveillance systems; and wireless accessories, including portable antennas, batteries, battery chargers, paging accessories, and hands-free kits. About 57% of revenues were generated in the area of coaxial cable systems and bulk cables.

Andrew had eight manufacturing plants in the US and additional factories in Canada, Australia, Scotland, Brazil, China, and India and 4,500 employees; nearly half of revenues stem from products exported from the US or manufactured abroad. Andrew sales in 1999 exceeded 791 million USD.

Two manufacturing facilities in the USA and Canada were remaining after restructuring the company in ’97 and ’98. The company supported customers from 35 countries across Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Americas with a worldwide Sales Support organization.