Satellite footprints

AMOS 2 at 85.2° West

Position:85.2° West
Manufacturer:Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)
Launch operator:Arianespace
Launch vehicle:Soyuz
Launch date:12/27/2003
Expected lifetime:13 Years

The AMOS 2 was providing communications services to television networks in Israel, Europe and the United States. AMOS 2’s customers included the Israeli government, the Yes satellite television company, the Israel Broadcasting Authority, Gilat Satellite Networks, Germany’s RTL television station and the American cable television station HBO. The latter broadcasted to six countries in Europe via AMOS 2.

AMOS 2 covered the US, Europe, Balkans in the South and better coverage in the Middle-East. The satellite had 22 active 36-Mhz segments, serving with more powerful transponders compared with aging AMOS 1.

AMOS 2 was originally supposed to be launched by launch provider Arianespace, as AMOS 1 was. However, Arianespace sold the launch slot to another customer, due to what it claimed were delays in the satellite’s production. After IAI threatened a lawsuit, Ariane arranged the alternative launch on the Soyuz-FG Fregat, jointly operated by Arianespace and launch provider ILS.

AMOS 2 was planned to be replaced by the AMOS 6 satellite, but that satellite was destroyed during launch. Spacecom then leased capacity on AsiaSat-8 from satellite operator Asiasat awaiting its replacement. AMOS 2 was retired and moved to 85.2° West.

AMOS 2 at 85.2° West

AMOS-2 satellite launched
AMOS 2 satellite in orbit

AMOS 2 at 85.2° West

AMOS-2 Europe Ku-band Beam
AMOS-2 Middle-East Ku-band Beam