Satellite footprints

Galaxy-12 (Galaxy XII, G-12) at 129° West (Inclined orbit)

Position:129° West (Inclined orbit)
Manufacturer:Orbital ATK
Launch operator:Arianespace
Launch vehicle:Ariane 5G
Launch date:04/03/2003
Expected lifetime:15 Years

In early 2001 satellite operator PanAmSat ordered a new C-band GEO satellite with Orbital Sciences Corp. (Orbital ATK – Northrop Grumman), designated Galaxy-12, to be located at 72° W longitude. In late 2001 PanAmSat exercised an option for two additional C-band spacecraft. The satellites would distribute entertainment and information to cable television systems, TV broadcast affiliates, DTH-television operators, ISP’s, telecommunications companies and corporations.

In February 2007, after the acquisition of PanAmSat, satellite operator Intelsat officially named the satellite Galaxy-12.

In April 2010, Intelsat’s five-year-old Galaxy-15 satellite stopped responding to commands, prompting the company to begin moving an on-orbit spare. After a monthlong journey, the batteries were finally drained in December 2010 leading to a reset of the systems. After that, control was regained over the satellite. All media traffic on Galaxy-15 was transitioned to Intelsat’s Galaxy-12 satellite, which is the designated in-orbit spare for the North American region. Galaxy-12 was relocated to the 133° WL orbital location.

Galaxy-12 satellite was launched in a dual launch with INSAT-3A for satellite operator ISRO from India on April 3rd, 2003 on an Ariane 5G rocket booster, operated by launch operator Arianespace from the Kourou Space Port in French Guyana.


Galaxy-12 (Galaxy XII, G-12) at 129° West (Inclined orbit)

Intelsat New Dawn prepared for transport
Ariane 5ECA rocket ready for launch
Ariane 5 launching Spaceway 3  and B-Sat 3a from Kourou Space Port
Inmarsat-3 satellite in orbit

Galaxy-12 (Galaxy XII, G-12) at 129° West (Inclined orbit)

Inteldsat Galaxy-12 C-band North America beam peak
Intelsat Galaxy-12 C-band North America beam