Global Professional L-Band 4-way Passive Splitter/Combiner

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Global Professional L-Band 4-way Passive Splitter/Combiner

Brand: Global Professional (Global Invacom)
Part number: L-SPCO4/Px-DCx

Passive unit is suitable for combining or splitting the L-Band signal 4 ways in a typical L-Band System. Additionally Port 1 will pass DC to the common port.

Available in 'N', 'F', 'BNC' & 'SMA' Connector configurations.

Other DC passes through options available upon request including DC blocking all ports. L-Band splitters can also be supplied as rack mount solutions.

L-Band 4-way Passive Splitter/Combiner 

The Global Professional (Global Invacom) L-band Passive 4-way Combiner/Splitter has been designed to combine or split the L-band from a typical satellite system. The unit can be used in either configuration as splitter or combiner.

The picture in the datasheet illustrates a N-type passive splitter with DC passing on both ports however other configurations are available. Please see tables in datasheet.

Global Invacom history

Global Invacom is one of the world’s largest developers, manufacturers and suppliers of satellite and TV peripheral equipment to the Direct Broadcast Satellite and VSAT markets.

Global Invacom was founded as Global Communications by Roger Pannell in 1985. Roger and his wife Helen manufactured and sold products from the garage of their family home and in 1987 the Company had seven employees. In 1990 Global moved its Head Office to Winterdale Manor, Althorne, UK and 1991 the company’s production reached it's first 100,000 products in 1 year.

In 1998 Global achieved its record sales of over 1 million Frequency extenders. In the same year Global commissioned to develop the SW21 switch for EchoStar Satellite Operator. To support the EchoStar contract Global started manufacturing in China and EchoStar switched almost all their switch requirements to the SW21 switch exclusively from Global.

In April 2008 'Global Communications (UK), Ltd' and 'Invacom, Ltd' merged to form Global Invacom. The merged company was restructured and Roger and his wife were bought out.

In 2012 Global Invacom acquired The Waveguide Solution, Ltd. (TWS), a UK microwave waveguide transmission specialist that designs and manufactures waveguide components and applications for the military, medical, aerospace and marine industries. TWS was the first acquisition by Global Invacom since the merger of Global Invacom Holdings, Ltd.

To expand the manufacturing capabilities within Europe, the company acquired in 2013 Raven Manufacturing, a UK manufacturer of satellite antennas and formed Global Invacom Manufacturing (UK), Ltd. (GIML). Raven was branding VSAT antennas of Channel Master and Andrew.

In 2015 Global Invacom purchased US-based satellite antenna manufacturer Raven Antenna Systems, Inc, which designed and manufactured antennas under the Skyware Global brand for the DTH and VSAT markets. The former Channel Master antennas had been branded under the Andrew name, Raven Skyware, Skyware Global and since October 2016 branding as Global Skyware.

productsheet.pdf Product datasheet

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