Scopus MPEG2 DVB 4:2:0 Integrated Receiver Decoder IRD-2960 (USED)

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Scopus MPEG2 DVB 4:2:0 Integrated Receiver Decoder IRD-2960 (USED)

Brand: Scopus (IDC)
Part number: IRD-2960

The Scopus IRD-2960 professional integrated receiver decoder is a broadcast-quality, decryptor and interface converter that provides MPEG-2 and AVC SD decoding, advanced transport stream processing, cutting-edge IP processing technologies and variery of front-ends, including DVB-S2, MPEG over IP and more.

Key features

• MPEG-2 DVB and ATSC decoding
• MPEG-4 field upgradeable (check availability)
• High quality videao and audio outputs
• IP data output using Pro-MPEG encapsulation
• ASI transport stream input and output
• DVB common interface (2 slots)
• SDI, AES/EBU and analog
• Embedded BISS Mode-1 and BISS-E (DSNG-CA)
• SW options permission - key-based upgrade

Please check datasheet for more specs.

productsheet.pdf Product datasheet
manual.pdf Manual

  • Current status: available from stock EXW France
  • Condition: USED and tested with 30-day warranty
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