Satellite footprints

Hispasat 36W-1 (Hispasat-AG1) at 36° West

Position:36° West
Manufacturer:OHB System
Launch operator:Arianespace
Launch vehicle:Soyuz
Launch date:01/27/2017
Expected lifetime:15+ Years

The Hispasat 36W-1 (Hispasat-AG1) constitutes the first mission of the SmallGEO platform, developed by OHB-System AG (Germany) with the European Space Agency and Hispasat. It includes the innovative RedSAT regenerative payload, which allows Hispasat to use the satellites power in a more agile and efficient manner, substantially increasing its transmission capacity with the subsequent reduction in the cost of communications.

The Hispasat 36W-1, launched in 2017 by launch operator Arianespace, will have up to 20 transponders onboard in Ku-band and up to 3 in Ka- band, aside from an innovative active antenna of reconfigurable beams. The satellite will cover Spain, Portugal, the Canary Islands and South America with multimedia-services.

Hispasat 36W-1 (Hispasat-AG1) at 36° West