Satellite footprints

ArabSat-6A at 30.5° East

Position:30.5° East
Manufacturer:Lockheed Martin
Launch operator:SpaceX
Launch vehicle:Falcon Heavy
Launch date:04/11/2019
Expected lifetime:15+ Years

ArabSat and King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) announced in April 2015 the orders for two communications satellites, ArabSat-6A for ArabSat and Hellas-Sat 4/SaudiGeoSat 1 for Hellas-Sat satellite operator from Greece.

ArabSat-6A, located at 30.5° East was designed for a 15-year service life, and will be manufactured by Lockheed Martin in Denver, Colorado USA. The satellite will be built on a modernized version of Lockheed Martin’s A2100 bus, which builds on that flight-proven design with advanced innovations including propulsion, solar arrays and electronics.

SpaceX launch operator successfully launched the ArabSat-6A Satellite on April 11th 2019, by a Falcon Heavy rocket from Cape Canaveral in Florida, USA.

ArabSat-6A is a high-capacity telecommunications satellite that will deliver television, radio, Internet and mobile communications to customers in the Middle-East, Africa, and Europe. The spacecraft is the largest and most powerful commercial satellite Lockheed martin has ever produced. ArabSat-6A provides advanced Ka-spot Beam communications services and Ku- and Ka-band coverages in addition to other frequency bands.

ArabSat-6A at 30.5° East

ArabSat-6A under construction
ArabSat-6A leaves factory
SpaceX readies Arabsat-6A
ArabSat-6A launch by SpaceX
SpaceX with ArabSat-6A
SpaceX launching Arabsat-6A

ArabSat-6A at 30.5° East

ArabSat-6A Ka-band Steerable Beam
ArabSat-6A Ku-band (MENA) Beam Downlink