Satellite footprints

SES-18 at 103° West

Position:103° West
Manufacturer:Orbital ATK
Launch operator:SpaceX
Launch vehicle:Falcon 9
Launch date:03/09/2023
Expected lifetime:15+ Years

The SES-18 at 103° West is a GEO C-band only communications satellite operated by satellite operator SES from Luxembourg. SES selected two US-based satellite manufacturers, Northrop Grumman and the Boeing Company, to deliver four new satellites (SES-18, -19, -21 and -21) as part of the company’s accelerated C-band clearing plan to meet the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) objectives to roll-out 5G services. The company will migrate its existing C-band customers and ensuring the continued delivery of digital television to nearly 120 million American TV homes and other critical data services.

Satellite manufacturer Northrop Grumman delivered the two GeoStar-3 satellites, SES-18 and SES-19, each equipped with a high-quality C-band payload. The two satellites were designed, assembled and tested in Dulles, Virginia USA.

Both SES-20 and -21 satellites were built by satellite manufacturer Boeing and are designed and intended to enable SES’s continued delivery of its C-band broadcast and radio services as well as critical data networks services in the coming months. The satellites are the 14th and 15th satellites built by Boeing for SES.

The SES-18 at 103° West and SES-19 were successfully launched on March 9th, 2023 in a dual launch on a Falcon 9 rocket operated by launch provider SpaceX from the Cape Canaveral Launch Complex in Florida USA.


SES-18 at 103° West

SES-19 built by Northrop Grumann
SES-18 & SES-19 readied for launch
SpaceX Falcon 9 launching SES-18 & -19
SES-18 & 19 in orbit

SES-18 at 103° West

SpaceX SES-18 & SES-19 Press Kit