Scientific Atlanta (Viasat) Antenna Tracking Controller 8860 (USED)

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Scientific Atlanta (Viasat) Antenna Tracking Controller 8860 (USED)

: Scientific Atlanta (ViaSat)
Part number: 8860

The Scientific Atlanta (ViaSat) Model 8860 uses technology
to give you easier and more refined control of your antenna system over four axes of motion: azimuth, elevation, and two motorized feeds. The 8860 provides manual and automatic positioning of all ViaSat motorized earth station antennas, in conjunction with the 8861A/8862 Antenna Position Controller (APC). The APC controls the positioning of the antenna, and reports position and faults to the ATC.

The 8860 operator may manually position the antenna, or select from up to 60 satellite locations stored in memory for automatic antenna pointing. Any or all of these satellites may be fixed position or use Autopeak tracking. Up to five of the satellites can use AdapTrack, INTELSAT, or Program track modes. Non-volatile memory protects all satellite tables and tracking databases.

See datasheet and ops manual for more specifications. 


  • Microprocessor based
  • Stores up to 60 satellite positions in non-volatile memory
  • Multiple satellite tracking modes
  • Four axis control
  • Menu-driven front panel control, including alarms
  • Indoor / outdoor transient protection


Operating Modes

  • Fixed Position
    Non-tracking mode, up to 60 stored satellite positions

  • Autopeak
    Improved Steptrack tracking mode

  • AdapTrack
    Patented prediction tracking

  • Program Track
    Up to 96 (24 hour) tracking positions input from external source

  • Intelsat Track
    Uses IESS-412 11–parameter ephemeris data 

This is a used Antenna Controller Indoor Rack mounted Unit only. It will be tested for proper operation and it comes with a 30-day warranty. We have three units available.


productsheet.pdf Product datasheet
manual.pdf Manual

  • Current status: SOLD
  • Condition: USED and tested
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