VertexRSI 9.0m Satellite Earth Station Antenna installation at A1 Telekom Aflenz teleport in Austria

VertexRSI 9.0m Satellite Earth Station Antenna installation at the Aflenz Teleport in Austria for A1 Telecom.

In May 2022 Skybrokers delivered and installed an used and refurbished VertexRSI 9.0m satellite antenna at the A1 Telecom Aflenz Teleport in Austria. The VertexRSI 9.0m Earth Station Antenna was completely touched up to include new motors, new jackboots, bearings and new de-icing pads. Our team successfully finished and tested the antenna system in the last week of May 2022.`

A1 Telecom Group Austria operates the Aflenz Teleport providing worldwide data services, satellite measurement services and its direct-2-home platform for TV channels. Aflenz Teleport is the only Earth Station in Austria and is operating over the 50 satellite antennas including the 275 tonnes weighing 32m NEC antenna! The teleport is located in Aflenz in the heart of federal state Styria (Steiermark Bundesland).

Aflenz Teleport was put in operation in May 1980 and is one of Europe’s largest and most modern satellite relay stations and is an integral part of the Telekom Austria Group’s international terrestrial backbone network with a total of 200 PoP’s in 47 countries of the world.