GD Satcom RC3000 Antenna Tracking Controller for mobile antennas

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GD Satcom RC3000 Antenna Tracking Controller for mobile antennas

Brand: GD Satcom
Part number: RC3000

The GD Satcom Antenna Tracking Controller RC3000 allows easy antenna operation via its menu based user interface. The following example highlights the basic modes of operation provided by the RC3000.

Upon arriving on site and powering up, the RC3000 enters MANUAL mode. In MANUAL mode the user may jog the antenna in azimuth, elevation and polarization. Upon power up, the fluxgate compass and GPS receiver initialize and begin providing data.

In LOCATE mode, azimuth and elevation pointing angles are automatically calculated based on position (lat/lon), heading and the selected satellite. Position may be obtained automatically from the optional GPS, selected from a preset list of user defined positions or entered manually. Heading may be automatically obtained from the optional fluxgate compass or entered manually. The user selects which satellite to locate from either a preset user defined list or by manually entering satellite data. The RC3000 checks that the pointing solution is within the mount’s range of movement and automatically positions the antenna.

After verifying the antenna is precisely on the satellite, the user may STORE the satellite’s azimuth and elevation angles along with horizontal and vertical polarization data. If the satellite has been identified as having an inclined orbit, theTRACK mode will be automatically entered as described below.

The user may quickly and precisely move between previously stored satellites via RECALL mode.

From STOW mode, the user may ask for the antenna to be automatically moved to the stow position.

GDSatcom history

GDSatcom (General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies) designs, produces and installs a range of Satellite Communications products including Earth Station Antennas, Antenna Controllers, Amplifiers, LNA’s, Frequency Converters and VSAT Systems. The company operates as a separate unit under the General Dynamics Mission Systems Division, a business unit of American global aerospace and defense company General Dynamics (GD).

In 2004 GDSatcom business unit acquired Trpoint Global, a privately held company in New York that bought VertexRSI in 1999 from Vertex Corp. Tripoint Global was composed that time of RSI, Prodelin, Gabriel Electronics & Microwave and CSA Wireless Communications.

In 2015 the Company combined their C4 Systems and the AIS (Advanced Information Systems) divisions to form GD Mission Systems. GDSatcom operates as a separate unit under the GD Mission Systems Division. 

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