GD Satcom RC3050 3-Axis Antenna Controller for mobile antennas

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GD Satcom RC3050 3-Axis Antenna Controller for mobile antennas

Brand: GD Satcom
Part number: RC3050

The GD Satcom Antenna Tracking Controller RC3050 allows easy antenna operation via its menu based user interface. The following features example the basic modes of operation provided by the RC3050.


♦ 3-Axis Jog Operation
   Automatically switches drive to desired axis
♦ Simultaneous Angle Display
   Read Azimuth, Elevation and Polarization angles
   in a single glance
♦ Plug Compatible with the RC3000
   Ensures easy upgrades to Auto-Location,
   Inclined-Orbit Tracking, PC-Remote Control
♦ Dynamic Braking
   Designed for quick stopping
♦ Dual Speed
   For fast slewing, fine positioning both fast and
   slow can be independently set
♦ Active IR Compensation
   Maintains stable speed with varying load
♦ Solid-State Drive Circuitry
   Can be configured for a wide variety of motor
   sizes and voltages
♦ User-Friendly Keypad Layout
  Allows user to know what axis will be moved from
  the layout of the keys
♦ Optional Hand-Held Jog Interface
   Cable-attached Jog Panel allows the operator to
   move the antenna 25 feet away
♦ Optional Auto-Stow and Deploy Feature
   Hands-off Stowing saves operator time

GDSatcom history

GDSatcom (General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies) designs, produces and installs a range of Satellite Communications products including Earth Station Antennas, Antenna Controllers, Amplifiers, LNA’s, Frequency Converters and VSAT Systems. The company operates as a separate unit under the General Dynamics Mission Systems Division, a business unit of American global aerospace and defense company General Dynamics (GD).

In 2004 GDSatcom business unit acquired Trpoint Global, a privately held company in New York that bought VertexRSI in 1999 from Vertex Corp. Tripoint Global was composed that time of RSI, Prodelin, Gabriel Electronics & Microwave and CSA Wireless Communications.

In 2015 the Company combined their C4 Systems and the AIS (Advanced Information Systems) divisions to form GD Mission Systems. GDSatcom operates as a separate unit under the GD Mission Systems Division.

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